o familiar faces, every day noon on time to update a chapter oh, my dear little angel Goodnight Oh, what da, we see tomorrow Oh, Chapter 84 Shredded VCP6-DCV slag male Ai Xiaoya subconsciously touched the stomach, where the baby inside is very quiet, Little guy is a counselor, usually when Ai Xiaoya alone, kick her kick to die, many people today, quiet, motionless, is not that he also knew he did not want him immediately , So it.showed so clever. Ai Xiaoya extremely incredible. Ai Xiaoya is only 16 years old this year, he is still a child, but since the pregnancy after she had the mother s mentality, she really reluctant, muzzled, eyes filled with tears. Baby, I m sorry, I m sorry, I m sorry. Little girl, you can not stay VMware Certification with this child, if your parents know, you will not see anyone in your house later. University ah, now more men go, you listen to me a word, There will be children later. Four aunt has been on the side of persuasion. I Ai Xiaoya hesitated for a while, or.signed a consent form, these procedures still have to go, where the four aunt let the anesthetist VCP6-DCV it exam came in to Ai Xiaoya hit anesthesia Auntie ah, this girl is dead body, ah, you still sent her to a big hospital to do it, if you do it here, fear is an accident. Wang Po looked after, shook his head, originally thought it was a superior goods, did not expect it turned out to be the best goods. Ah, then

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