“See & Be Seen.” This is the constant reminder that the Delaware Office of Highway Safety would like to instill among motorcyclists. Although the number of fatal motorcycle accidents have gone down this time of the year compared to last years, it’s a message still worth repeating.

The Delaware law enforcement group, along with other participating agencies, is serious about disseminating this message so much so that they have allotted three full days, from August 12 to 15, to patrol roadways they have identified as high crash or accident-prone areas.

Beyond Helmet Safety

Setting this patrol schedule at this time of the year is deliberate as well. According to officials, more motorcyclists go out on the road when the weather is warm, and understandably, too, because it’s a lot safer and more enjoyable than during the cooler season.

While fatalities from motorcycle crashes have gone down in the past years, helmet use has also been found to be in a decline.

Worse, the safety of the motorcyclists also depend on the driving skills of the other motorists on the road. Director of the Office of Highways Safety Jana Simpler says that everyone plays a part in keeping motorcyclists safe. Those in cars and trucks, specifically, should understand how difficult and challenging it can be for motorcycle riders on the road because of the vehicle’s obvious disadvantage when it comes to size and visibility.

Road Rules

The agency also reminds everyone that although the motorcycle may be small in size, they still are granted the same rights on the road as with any other kind of motorist.

Another thing that you should be wary of when you encounter a motorcyclist on the road is the kind of signals that they use. For instance, motorcycle signals often cannot be canceled. If you are following a motorcycle and they have their signals on, just wait for them to make the turn completely before proceeding.

Legal Consequences

Motorcycle riders who get into a vehicular accident can file for a personal injury case against the offending driver to claim for recompense. An experienced auto accident lawyer in Chicago can help sort out the nitty-gritty details of the claim, and, if need be, the terms of the negotiations in case of a settlement.