A recent spike in motorcycle driving accidents has been observed, and it’s causing a lot of concern among motorcycle safety instructors, such as as Mel Kegel.

Distracted Driving

The biggest contributor to this unfortunate phenomenon, however, is distracted driving. Nowadays, people are so used to multitasking that they do not pay attention on the road.

Texting and driving is just one of the most common combinations of tasks that potentially cause accidents. Even mere split-second distractions can result to serious, or even fatal, accidents on the road. Worse, this is not only dangerous for the driver and passengers of the car, but also the other motorists and even pedestrians, too.

Motorcycle riders, in particular, are much more vulnerable to vehicular accidents because of the type of vehicle that they are on. Not only do they have to keep their balance on two wheels, they are also more exposed to injurious elements on the road given the lack of body framing unlike cars.

Safety Precautions

What can motorcycle drivers do to improve their chances at having a safe ride? Experts such as Kegel recommend wearing outerwear that has reflectors. This should help them become more visibility, especially when riding at night.

It’s also imperative that they practice proper signalling, which could save a whole lot of trouble in intersections and sharp curves. Simply put, motorcycle drivers have to exercise utmost caution for their own safety.

Personal Injury Cases

In case you get into an accident while riding your motorcycle, know that you have a legal recourse you can seek. Consult with lawyers, such as those from Goldberg Weisman Cairo to work on the details for compensation you would like to present before the courts. The other party may want to negotiate the terms of compensation with you as well, in which case having a good lawyer around should still prove necessary and advantageous.