Consumer Watchdog and Center for Auto Safety, organizations that look out for the welfare of consumers, have written a strongly-worded letter to Mark Rosekind, Administrator for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA,) calling him to task for promoting the interest of automobile companies over the public’s safety.

This was in reference to Rosekind’s speech at the Automated Vehicles Symposium in San Francisco where he was quoted as saying in front of more than a thousand car company executives, businessmen, and legislators that one unfortunate accident will not deter the Department of Transportation and the NHTSA from pursuing its goal of upgrading road safety through advanced technology.

The accident in question involved ex-Navy Seal Joshua Brown who died in a car crash on a Williston, Florida freeway while driving his Tesla Model S on autopilot mode. He was reportedly watching a Harry Potter movie and his car crashed into a tractor trailer that had turned left at an intersection. The autopilot technology had failed to detect the white color of the tractor because of the bright blue sky.

Rosekind allegedly further added that the industry cannot wait for a safety feature to be perfected before it can be applied to automobiles and that a lot of accidents can be avoided with the use of autopilot. Noting that most crashes are caused by human error, this new technology may eliminate 19 out 0f 20 accidents. The letter from the advocacy groups say this theory is not backed up by concrete evidence.

In the meantime, drivers and car owners should not entrust the driving wholly on the safety features being touted by car makers and should still be alert while on the road. Car collisions cause serious injuries and death and take a toll on the financial and emotional resources of the persons involved. Attorneys for the Goldberg Finnegan law office hope this article will guide consumers when purchasing cars with high-tech features and learn how to use them with discretion.