Big changes are coming the way of the freight and trucking industry. Specifically, communication technology is now going big and digital.

According to reports, trucking companies are now heavily investing in digital technology that can better help them monitor their trucks, cargo, and drivers.

Currently, the available technology allows only for the tracking of vehicles from Point A to point B. With the incoming improvements, though, there’s room for more specific and interactive information data gathering.

If anyone wants to monitor the exact location of the load, it will now be possible using the to-the-second analytics as well as on-board telematics. It can even show the exact method for transportation meant for the load.

Technology Overload

There are plenty of other trucking technologies that have been launched and introduced in the last couple of years. For example, the Gorilla Tranx GPS device by Gorilla Safety made its market debut back in July. This one also promises to deliver real-time information on vehicle location and transportation status.

Meanwhile, Blue Tree Systems introduced, a platform that provides tracking information on the drivers and the vehicles as well as temperature and other pertinent information that could affect the transport.

Then, there’s some new dashboard camera equipment, “living” maps, “hyper-accurate” specialty maps, and so much more. Take note that these are just a few of the many new innovations introduced specifically for the trucking and freighting industry.

Advantages Coming Soon

The transition to digital technology for these vehicles are not expected to happen overnight, but the good thing is that things are starting to shape up as early as now.

Even more importantly, the freight companies should be able to comply with proposed government regulations seeking to gather more information on their trucks’ activities. Specifically, the main objective of this is for the government to be able to track and monitor the transport of hazardous materials, as well study possible options for imposing taxes based on mileage.

It could also later on be used for evidence in vehicular accident cases with the help of Chicago auto accident lawyers.

Approaching with Caution

The technology race may be on, but the trucking companies itself, especially the smaller enterprises, may want to take things one step at a time. Specifically, there are still a lot of concerns on data security.

Until they are absolutely reassured, they are expected to approach with caution.